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For Water Chiller in Middle East
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Silent features

  • Extensive product line
    MNM Chillers offer you an extensive product lineup for medium- to large- scale facilities for use in a variety of applications.
  • Injection Molding.
    In addition to removing the heat from the plastic mold, the water chillers can also be used for transferring the heat away from the hydraulic heat exchanger, the mold temperature controller and the feed throat of the injection molding machine. While there are a number of other heat removal devices such as the cooling tower, well or city water, using of water chillers have some distinct advantages.
  • Versatile
    We deliver a wide range of energy efficient chillers that have numerous application and featuring a full range of capacities for all conditions and cooling requirements.
  • Outstanding durability
    The product line that we offer features outstanding durability for low maintenance costs
  • Easy to install and Operate
    The water chillers have a compact body mounted and open skid mounted system, ready to install and easy to operate.
  • Affordable Rates & low maintenance cost.
    We offer products that are of high quality, affordable cost and involves low maintenance cost.
  • Lowest power consumption.
    The Energy efficient water-chiller are suitable for working in high ambient conditions. The chilling plants use energy saving with cycling fans and high efficiency fin tube air cooled condenser with liberal size fan.
  • Manufactured & Design as per customer application
    Designed specifically to meet customers requirement for temperature (-30ºc) and also available in addition to standard models.
  • Pre-dispatch teste
    The chilling plants that we offer are fully automatic with tried & tested controls.
  • Ensures quick chilling Quick chilling is ensured with plate type, shell and tube or flooded components. All chilling plants offers guaranteed cooling capacity at rated parameters.
  • Application in a wide variety of industry
    Water chillers are used in a wide variety of industries. Milk/ Dairy industry Chemical industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Plastic industry for Injection molding, Blow molding, PVC pipe, PP film lamination. Printing ink, Paper waxing cooling, Calendars, Pulp and paper processing, Bleaching and dying industry, etc.
  • Components of Chiller plants
    Evaporator: Plate type, Shell and Tube, Flooded, Tube in Tube, Coil in Tank are for high efficiency performance. Refrigeration circuit consist of reputed filter drier, Expansion valve, Capillary tube, Sight glass, Solenoid valve, Accumulator and controllers from DANFOSS / SPORLON / ALCO. Controls with safety devices – high and low refrigerant pr. Switches, low fluid level, Oil pr. Switch, Angle valve, Digital, Analog temperature controller for precise temperature controlling, Audio visual indication for safeties, Pump suitable for high flow and pressure. Also have an option of trolley mounting

About Us

MNM Chillers is a premier industrial resource for energy air cooled and water cooled Chilling plants. We supply a broad range of chilling plants including standard package chilling plants, refrigeration cooled and portable chilling plants, industrial water chilling plants as well as custom and temperature controlled chilling plant for different Industries.

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For Water Chiller in Middle East
MNM Water Cooling & Heating
Equipment Trading LLC
+971 50 409 1772
+971 56 577 1153